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Remembering Your Purpose as Means to Rediscovering Your Joy

The Covid fog that affected every aspect of our lives seems to be clearing. It’s a hesitant lifting and uncertainties abound. Despite the many questions, there is a sense of sharper focus and clearer views; a sense of brewing joy, even if it does feel tenuous.

When we returned to school in August, Covid had dramatically shifted the way we moved through our school day. Schools have approached the situation in different ways. Schools have closed. Schools have remained open. Classes have been hybrid. Synchronus. Asynchronus.

No matter your school’s approach, it has likely involved serious alterations in the work you do. I could not even figure out how to fill in my lesson plan book when my year began. There were so many complications! Every time I thought I had a grip on the situation, somebody changed the scene.

All of the joy was gone. What was left?

I’ll tell you what was left - a whole lot of need. Need that nobody really knew how to meet.

I still don’t have answers. I don’t know how to meet all of the needs. It’s tough to do so in good times, outside of a pandemic. But inside of a global pandemic, all you can do is your best in the moment. It was a good time to remind myself of my purpose. Why did I go into education in the first place? Reminding myself of these reasons is helping me to hang on until we reach the other side of Covid.

I asked some of my colleagues, “Why did you enter the teaching profession?” Here’s what they had to say:

My passion and desire to serve others. -R

I had a wise counselor who told me I would be a good teacher or counselor…I truly love these disciplines! -J

I did so because I felt that teaching and guiding a student’s education was and still is an honorable position. Besides, I really like working with young people. Developing ways to reach the unreachable and teach the unteachable. -J

In High School I had a few teachers that I really looked up to: 1. An Industrial Arts teacher who took time for each of his students and who put a great deal of emphasis on skill and perfection…2. An English teacher ho made the work interesting, and who only accepted our best effort. 3. Then there was a substitute Math teacher who clinched it for me. - A

I believe my mother helped guide me towards education. Before retiring, she taught Spanish at the middle school, high school, and college levels, as well as being the head of our local Future Teachers of America organization. After being a teacher’s assistant for several years in this program, I was hooked! - T

I had a 7th grade Art teacher who let me work for her after school. That was the modeling I needed… The modeling and kindness of teachers throughout school confirmed my decision. - E

Loving. Serving. Guiding.

Relationships drive these teachers. Their shared purpose is to give and meet needs within the context of academia.

What goal could be more worthy?

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